1.          turn off, switch off:關掉。
Can you turn off the air condition? It’s a little bit cold here.
2.          drive off :擊退
They fired their guns to drive off a pack of dogs.
3.          knock off: 中斷、停止
The players knocked two minutes off in the game.
4.          kick off: 開始
The show is about to kick off.
5.          pay off:得到回報
His effort finally paid off.
6.          put off:延期
The picnicking is put off because of the bad weather.
7.          cut off:切下
Return the money, or I’ll cut off your fingers.
8.          show off:炫耀
Stop showing off your ring!
9.          call off:取消
Sorry, I have to call off the date.
10.      get off:下車
When you see the library, you should get off right away.
11.      take off:起飛、脫掉、離開
The weather is so hot. Why don’t you take off your jacket?